Sunday, October 12, 2014


First off I just want to point out how freaking adorable these Unicorns are from Geek! OMG I cant handle it. For those of you that need them in your life you can get them at the Mystic Realms Faire[X]

Shoes: ::Epic:: Glitter Glass Gumball Slippers @ The Big Show
Head: ::The Sugar Garden:: Tsu Mesh Head A Tone [X]
Dress: ::Epic:: One Scoop Waffle Cone Outfit @ Candy Fair
Bracelet A: Boom
Bracelet B: *MM*
Glasses: ::The Sugar Garden:: Megane Classic - Bubblegum *Deco*
Collar: ::Altair*:: Hime Collar .pink. @ The Big Show
Bubblegum: ::Pididdle:: Blow Gum
Unicorn/Tail: ::Geek::
Hair Clips: ::Amai:: Spoopy Eyeballz. <3 @ Cure-Con
Skin: ::The Sugar Garden:: A Tone :: No Bust:: Soft Body
Cute Azz

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