Saturday, February 28, 2015

LOTD 143

LOTD 143

Furry Fest officially starts tomorrow! So get your game faces on :D Here is some more stuff that you will be able to get for yourself.

Kemono Mod~ Hello Grymmy!| Space Spaniel @ Furry Fest *Can be found at mainstore*
~includes nose, tail, dingle bobbers, neck fluff~
Top~ |Wretch| Kemono Tank Top @ Furry Fest *Can be found at mainstore*
Pasties~ |Minty Chu| Pasties for Kemono @ Furry Fest
Necklace~ |Sweet Thing| Sleepychi Digital Pet Necklace @ The Arcade *Opens Tomorrow*
Skirt~ |The Violet Vixen| Puffy Skirt

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