Thursday, October 1, 2015

LOTD 284

LOTD 284

Tights~ |Abrasive| Frail Fishnet Tights
|Clemmm| Skelly Hands
Lips~ |NOX| Un/holy Lips @ The Nightmare Event
Face Scar~ |NOX| Glasgow Scar @ The Nightmare Event
Spine Spikes~ |CerberusXing| Cursed Keeper @ The Nightmare Event
Top~ |Neverwish| Creepy Corset @ The Nightmare Event
Spiders~ |Astralia| Spider Goddess @ The Nightmare Event
Hair~ |Moon| Atlas Hands
Bracelets~ |Schadenfreude| Skeletal Grip @ The Nightmare Event
Shoes~ |CerberusXing| Cherry Buns Heels
Blindfold~ |CerberusXing| Cursed Keeper Blindfold @ The Nightmare Event
Nails/Rings~ |CerberusXing| Hayop Nails
Horns~ |CerberusXing| Qilin Horns
Collar~ |Speakeasy| Vamp Teeth Collar {Rare} @ The Nightmare Event
Skin~ |Pink Fuel| Doll v2 {Vamp}

Pose~ |SKBIO Animations| Sopresas
Location~ Everlag Park

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