Thursday, January 28, 2016

N○ 358

LOTD 358

Shoes~ |CerberusXing| Himo Geta's
Tattoo~ |Aii| Many Names
Covers~ |Aii| Ofuda Covers
Blight/Eyes/Hand Particles~ |Aii| Blight Infection
Pet~ |Aii| Inugami Companion
Blindfold~ |Aii| Talisman Blindfold (Seed of Inspiration)
Wraps~ |Aii| Talisman Hagoromo (Seed of Inspiration)
Beads~ |Aii| Sealed Beads
{All can be found at The Gacha Garden}
Hair~ |May's Soul| Samurai Hair
Skin~ |Enfer Sombre| Emi
Thong~ |Muka| Wicca Thong
Skirt~ |Muka| Vix

Pose~ |!bang| Enchantment Prize

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