Thursday, June 16, 2016

N○ 446

LOTD 446

Hand/Feet Tattoo~ |G.ID| Captive Trauma // Feet Rare
Scissors~ |CerberusXing| Blinded // Group Gift
Shoes~ |Poisoned Diamond| RoundSaw Shoes @ Rock Attitude Fair
{Ends on the 18th}
Hair~ |Olive| The Baby Hair
Collar~ |CerberusXing| Heavy Duty Collar
Harness~ |Haste| Harley Harness
Claws~ |CerberusXing| Hayop Nails
Bracelets/Hand Bands~ |TI| Hand Belts w/ Rings
Skin~ |Atomic| April
Upper Body Tattoo~ |VileCult| Down & Dirty // Rare
Lower Body Tattoo~ |Clemmm| Damaged Knee's

Location~ Elysion

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