Thursday, December 15, 2016

N○ 544

LOTD 544

Nose Bleed~ |VileCult| Bloody Nose
Blood~ |Aii| + Hemomancer Blood Tattoo + @ Mainstore
+ Hemomancer Blood particles +
+ Hemomancer's Aura (float) +
+ Hemomancer's Aura +
{Animation Here}
Outfit~ |Aisling| Isfyr -Hourglass- {Latex}
Eyes~ |Antielle| Beauty Clinic - Neon Lens/Eyebase (CROSS)
Hair~ |Runaway| Jenna Hair - Boobs w/ Materials
Skin~ |CURELESS| [+] Haemoglobine (Bloodstain Lips / Red Eyeshadow)
{Skin will look different then in pic b/c of my windlight setting. Here is the original}
Bloody Hands~ |Clemmm| Bloody Hands

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