Hydrate {1270}

Hydrate {1270}

The following items are from Normandy and can be found at Sci-Fi Con
*Company Coffee Mug [Holdable]
*Hydro Planter
*Researchers Cabin
*Solar Powered Coffee Maker [Holdable/Rezzable]
Body Tattoo~ |ALT3| Ziost Tattoo @ Sci-Fi Con

Legs~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Infinity Legs @ Cyberpunk

Horns~ |duckie| Cyber Horns
[Animated and Non]

Hair~ |KMH| Hair CP015 @ Sci-Fi Con

Ear Gauges~ |Pushin' Daisies| Simjang Gauges
[Fits Swallows Pixie Ears]

Dress~ |UNA| Malif Dress @ Kinky Event

Ears~ |Swallow| Pixie Gauged Ears

Eyes~ |HELLBOURNE| Nova Eyes @ Sci-Fi Con
[Lelutka EvoX/BoM]