Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ok so I am a hardcore Anime fan so when I heard that there was going to be a Manga Fair I fell right out of my chair in happiness. Kreao-chan is participating and she has made the cutest {Moon} bags in 8 different colours! Everyone needs to go pick up their own when it opens on July 1st at 12am SLT!

Jeans: Forever Reckless
Sandals: Le Primitif 
Ears: Mandala
Top: Ninety
Hair: !lamb
Featherpiece: Spellbound
Eyes: Buzzeri
Shape: UtopiaH
Skin: Panda Punx

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Shoes: Epic
Stockings: Arise
Long Gloves: UtopiaH
Dress: Blue Blood
Hair: Ploom
Eyes: Brixley
Shape: Sweets!
Skin: okkbye
Slink hands and feet
Cute Azz

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ready, Set, GO!

Love Racing? Enjoy cute things and shopping? Then stop on over to Level Up!
It has everything for your Racing needs. These cute little Cherry Racers from C.C Kre-ations is just some of the things you can find at the event.

Top: Cheeky
Shoes: Flite
Eyes: Dead Apples
Clutch: Reign (The Saturday Sale)
Hair: Pr!tty
Choker: Tapi
Aviator Hat: C.C Kre-aations - Level Up
Arm warmers: C.C Kre-ations - Level Up
Backpack: Pixicat - Kustom9
Shape: annaA
Skin: Panda Punx

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Remember the Sea

Tights: Chary
Ears: Epic
Tattoo: Riske
Shoes: Cashmere
Cuffs: Pekka
Anklets: Blah
Seahorse: The Secret Store (The Arcade)
Dress: Sakide
Eyes: Buzzeri
Hair and Headdress: Tableau Vivant (The Arcade)
Skin and Shape: The Sugar Garden 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


There are some amazing events going on right now and I had a fun time doing a bit of shopping <3

Horns: C.C Kre-ations (Totally Top Shelf)
Blindfold: C.C Kre-ations (Tales Of Fantasy) Gatcha
Top and Pants: Dress2Kill (The Big Show)
Shoes: Muka
Moles: ReVeRie
Bellychain and Necklace: Plastik
Hair: Little Bones
Collar: Nani
Bangles/Rings: ReVeRie
Eyes: Brixley
Cerberpups: Geek (Totally Top Shelf)
Shape: Me
Skin: Arise
Cute Azz
Slink hands and feet

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sun Spot

{Lyra} jewels: C.C Kre-ations (Fantasy Room)
{Hator~ gatcha} horns: C.C Kre-ations (Tales of Fantasy, starts June 10th) 
Top: Epic
Shoes: Le Primitif
Ears: Aisling
Tail: Me (soon)
Harness and Skirt: Aaliyah
Eyes: Dead Apples
Panties: Razor
Shape: Me
Skin: 7 Deadly S{k}ins

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Instrument

The Instruments Event has started :D Lots of goodies to go and get!

Kreao has made an adorable {Gigabell} collar for this event and it even comes with a RLV version for all you kinky people. It also comes with one that makes a bell sound when you walk :3

Shoes, Phone, Skin and Makeup: The Sugar Garden
Watch: Epic
Ears and Tail: Aisling
Hair/Clips: Olive
Pendant: Omen
Eyes: Song
Bracelet: Witches & Rats
Bodysuit and Tights: Bombshell
Wowmeh Body
Slink hands and feet

Monday, June 2, 2014

Event Overload!

So many amazing Events going on right now so I hope everyone has there walking shoes on :D
Kreao has one again made some very awesome items.

{The Night} blindfold can be found at Suicide Dollz and they come in 5 different colours (Sold Separately)
Next is {RavRav} horns and you can find them at We <3 Roleplay (Starts June 4th) They come in 8 different colours, each color comes in 2 version (small on the forehead and bigger on the sides) . Each version comes in 3 metal options (gold, silver, black metal) and will be 50% OFF! What a deal :D

As everyone knows The Arcade has opened up and I actually got in on the first day! So I picked up lots of goodies <3 I got my cute lil cell from Eilfie's (The Sugar Garden) Gatcha

Also Wearing:
Shoes: Blah
Bracelets: Mandala
Hair: Red Mint
Jeans: Corvus
Shirt: AlterEgo
M3 Head
Avatar 2.0
Slink hands and feet