Monday, May 30, 2016

N○ 435

LOTD 435

Gems~ |Atomic Faery| When Doves Cry Forehead Gem // 20Twenty
{Close up Here}
Dress~ |Senzafine| Willa Strapless Dress // 20Twenty
Bracelets~ |Plastik| Kindred Bracelets
Rings~ |Plastik| Seavyr Rings
Nails~ |Dark Passions| Mesmerizing Nails // 20Twenty
{Close up Here}
Hair~ |Doe| Beth
Shoes~ |CerberusXing| Kage Geta
Skin~ |VCO| Doran

Location~ NODE+

Saturday, May 28, 2016

N○ 434

LOTD 434

Shoes~ |Reign| All Star Thigh Highs
Top~ |Fishy Strawberry| Anais Boho Shirt
Bracelets~ |Plastik| Bikechain Bracelets
Pants~ |Blueberry| Pizza Jeans
Rings~ |Kibitz| Olzen Ring Set
Hair~ |Moon| Tin Foiled II
Skin~ |VCO| Doran Skin

Chair~ |DDD| Cozy Circle // 20Twenty

Friday, May 27, 2016

N○ 433

LOTD 433

Hair~ |Pink Hustler| 8136
Necklace~ |Plastik| Opaline Weave Necklace @ Whimsical
Oufit~ |Masoom| Eleanora Gown @ Uber
Skin~ |VCO| Benny
Mouth~ |VCO| Pony's Mesh Lip

Location~ The Chamber
{Need to be in the group to visit}

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

N○ 432

LOTD 432

Shoes~ |Empire| Bottlebrush
Bracelets~ |Plastik| Seavyr Bracelets
Horns~ |Plastik| Swyrl Horns @ Men Only Monthly
Hair~ |Blues| Irene
Dress~ |Cheeky| Crazy Bow Dress @ The Dark Style Fair
Skin~ |VCO| Doran
Lips~ |VCO| Nini Mesh Lip 002 // Rare

Location~ Elysion

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

N○ 431

LOTD 431

Tattoo~ |Aii| Carved Warrior // Sore @ The Fantasy Collective
Shoes~ |Highrise| Chain Up Platforms
Eyes~ |#Adored| Unreal Eyes
Earrings~ |Plastik| The Kukiris Earrings @ We <3 RP
{Close up of Face Here}
Outfit~ |Nana| Morgan Harness Bodysuit @ Suicide Dollz
Hair~ |Moon| Barracuda
Skin~ |VCO| Doran 005 Gacha
Staff~ |CubicCherry| Fade Staff // Hope @ The Secret Affair

Pose~ |Exposeur| Top Model
Location~ Gates of Dreams

Monday, May 23, 2016

N○ 430

LOTD 430

Leg Tattoos~ |Se//mi| Hanasaku
Arm Tattoos~ |Cureless| Magnolia Tourmaline
Bikini~ |Sweet Thing| Bone Bikini @ The Dark Style Fair
Shoes~ |Plastik| Veyliane Heels @ Shiny Shabby
Rings/Bracelets/Horns/Mask/Necklaces~ |Plastik| Onylarra Set @ Enchantment
{Pearl Horns are Rare}
Hair~ |Amitomo| Hair 001
Pet~ |MishMish| Teacup Pomeranian Companion // Lux Box Gift
Skin~ |VCO| Hena

Pose~ |Imeka| Winy

Saturday, May 21, 2016

N○ 429

LOTD 429

Hair~ |Tableau Vivant| Low Hair
Boots~ |Poisoned Diamond| Bubblegum Boots @ CyberZ
{Closeup Here}
Suit~ |The Sugar Garden| CyberSuit
Horns~ |Cubic Cherry| Ozma Horns @ The Dark Style Fair
Piercings~ |Venomous Rage Designs| Holey Face Piercings
{Preview for horns/piercings Here}
Skin~ |Plastik| Wylde Skin // Paz

Pose~ |Addme Poses| FG201510
Animals~ |LoveFox| Kitoro Friends Gacha // Poseless
{White one is the UltraRare and the other is the Rare}

Friday, May 20, 2016

N○ 428

LOTD 428

Hair~ |Spellbound| Faerie Queen w/ Butterflies
Glasses/Noseband/Nose Ring/Eyes~ |Cubic Cherry| Cutesy Set @ Kawaii Project
{Glasses are Rare and closeup Here}
Rings~ |Amala| The Alaska Rings
Lips~ |VCO| Pony's Mesh Lip
Ears/Moon Emblem~ |Doki| Black Cat
Dress~ |Masoom| Blossom Dress @ Ultra
Skin~ |VCO| Benny

Flowers/Potted Plants~ |Cubic Cherry| Stillness @ Whimsical
Location~ Rosemoor

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

N○ 427

LOTD 427

Hair~ |Oleander| Kkyung
Crown~ |Cila| Zelda Princess Crown
Rings~ |Kibitz| Crystal Ring Set
Ears~ |Mandala| Fantasy Elf Ears
Outfit~ |Masoom| Isabella Dress @ Mesh Body Addicts
{Maitreya/Both Slink Bodies}
Skin~ |VCO| Doran

Location~ Hell's Haven

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

N○ 426

LOTD 426

Shoes~ |Remarkable Oblivion| Helvetica Heels
Stockings~ |Creep| Suicide
Tattoo/Arms/Mask~ |Nana| Kaneki Set @ The Dark Style Fair
Crown~ |Nana| Ecstasy Crown @ The Dark Style Fair
Earrings~ |Plastik| Derian Earrings // Rare @ Thrift Shop
Dress~ |Sakide| Decay Dress @ The Dark Style Fair
{Preview for Earrings/Mask Here}
Hair~ |Due| Xiaohai
Ears/Wings~ |Doki| Bat
Skin~ |Mudskin| Rock U #1

Location~ Virtual Decay

Monday, May 16, 2016

N○ 425

LOTD 425

Arm Cuffs~ |Just Because| Elegant Arm Cuff
Wrist Bow~ |Muka| Burlesque Bow
Anklet~ |Promagic| Anklet 3
Wings~ |Aii| Pixie Wings w/ Particles @ Enchantment
{Wearing tintable version and I added a simple colour change script. Preview here}
Hair~ |Little Bones| Gem
Top~ |Supernatural| Mirella Lingerie @ On9
{Panties included just not shown}
Leg Chains~ |Haste| Angel Leg Chains
Collar~ |LAB737| Bow Collar
Skin~ |Random Matter| Ashri Skin
Skirt~ |Cheeky| Veri High Waist Skirt

Location~ Hells Haven

Sunday, May 15, 2016

N○ 424

LOTD 424

Avatar~ |Poisoned Diamond| Thumby Fairies @ Enchantment
Teacup~ |Cubic Cherry| Lil Teacup Beds // With Poses @ Enchantment
Flower~ |Cubic Cherry| Natsu Daisy Umbrella // Enchantment Hunt
Pose~ |The Pose Shop| Loves Me // Enchantment Hunt
{Remember to pick up the HUD for all the hints!}

Saturday, May 14, 2016

N○ 423

LOTD 423

Shoes~ |Third Eye| Crank Platform
Hand Tats/Nails~ |Avanti| Wraith Hands
Hair~ |Wasabi Pills| Marissa
Earrings~ |Plastik| The Akamai Earrings // Special Edition @ The Secret Affair - Opens May 15th
{Preview Here}
Outfit~ |Plastik| The Kyralee Outfit @ The Dark Style Fair
Collar~ |Asteroid Box| Clear Collar @ Suicide Dollz
{Preview Here}
Skin~ |Plastik| Veya Skin @ We <3 RP

Location~ The Hell's Haven

Thursday, May 12, 2016

N○ 422

LOTD 422

Hair~ |Runaway| Amber Hair
Tattoo~ |Things| Vynis Tattoo
Shoes~ |FDD Stories| Carice Sandals w/ Knee Bands // Rare
Rings~ |Kibitz| Olzen Ring Set
Skirt~ |Cheeky| Lalla Mini Jean Skirt @ The Black Dot Project
Top~ |Luas| Dream Top
Collar~ |LAB737| Bow Collar
Skin~ |Pink Acid| Doretta

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Celebrate // TCF 3rd Anniversary Gift
Location~ Netherwood

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

N○ 421

LOTD 421

Lip Tattoo~ |Clemmm| Tired Glitter Lips
Hair~ |RedMint| No. 23'14
Blindfold~ |Aii| Kuro Oni Blindfold // Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Outfit~ |NoName| Jayde // 50% offThrift Shop
Shoes~ |United Colors| Perl High Heels
Claws~ |CerberusXing| Hayop Claws
Skin~ |Aphrodisiac| Olivia // Milky
{Nyam/Slink/Omega/Loud Mouth}

Location~ Elixirium

Sunday, May 8, 2016

N○ 420

LOTD 420

Tattoo~ |Cureless| Healed Cherry Blooms
Blindfold~ |Aii| Kuro Oni Half Blindfold @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bottoms~ |Amitomo| Door Open Jeans
Torso Jewelry~ |Apple May Designs| Body Jewelry // Maitreya
Hair~ |Moon| Tangerine
Top~ |Cheeky| Vanessa Open Mini Neckholder @ Buy Now
{Marketplace Only}
Shoes~ |Whatever| Arsenic Heels
Skin~ |Pink Fuel| Doll v2 // Crystal

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Hello Day B
Location~ Mataiva

Friday, May 6, 2016

N○ 419

LOTD 419

Rings~ |Candy Crunchers| Laura Rings
{For Maitreya Only but can be edited to fit}
Hair~ |Moon| Unit
Mouth~ |VCO| Nini Mesh Lip 002 // Rare
Skin~ |VCO| Sena
Outfit~ |Vincue| Pullovy
Eyes~ |Song| Yuna~ Azule Eyes // Rare
Socks~ |Sallie| Knit Over The Knee Socks

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Underwing - Nectar
Location~ Baja Norte

Thursday, May 5, 2016

N○ 418

LOTD 418

Leg Harness~ |Empire| Heart Harness
Shoes~ |Empire| Marigold
Headband~ |RealEvil Industries| Kitty Ears
Hair~ |Elua| Pippa
Dress~ |Cheeky| Tanny - ups Sweater Dress @ The Garage Fair
Lashes~ |C.C Kre-ations| Memoria Eyelashes // Tintable @ We <3 RP
{Closeup Here}
Skin~ |Enfer Sombre| Gaby // Catwa Applier
Top~ |Supernatural| Allie @ SanaRae

Boxes~ |C.C Kre-ations| Crates @ Lost & Found {Past Event}
Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Idle Fancies // Yummy Slurpee

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

N○ 417

LOTD 417

Shoes~ |Reign| Mishi Thigh Highs
Rings~ |Plastik| Geoh Ringset @ Shiny Shabby
Halo~ |Plastik| Supernova Halo // Ursa Major Gatcha @ Gacha Garden
{Closeup Here}
Hair~ |Moon| Into Dust
Top~ |Sakide| Adeine Set @ Buy Now
Bottoms~ |Blueberry| Ripped Denim Shorts
Skin~ |Essences| Natasja
{Catwa Appliers}

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Zip-A-Dee // Plenty of Sunshine
Location~ Elysion

Monday, May 2, 2016

N○ 416

LOTD 416

Necklace~ |Spellbound| Fckn Cute Cookie Necklace
Rings~ |Plastik| Geoh Ringset @ Shiny Shabby
{Maitreya/Slink Casual Only}
Hair~ |Doe| Spaceballs
Outfit~ |Sweet Thing| Lace Up Crop & Shorties @ Mainstore
{Maitreya/Slink Bodies Only}
Head/Skin~ |SOMEMORE| SaeBom Mesh Head // Rare
Bracelet~ |Vale Koer| Mouse Wrist Doodle
Shoes~ |Vale Koer| Tippytoe Chunks
Eyes~ |Whatever| Limited Eyes
Tattoo~ |Tattoo Mania| Petit Mort

Location~ Le Marche