Sunday, July 31, 2016

N○ 475

LOTD 475

Hair~ |Elua| Zephne
Cuffs~ |Plastik| Loona Cuffs @ Previous Romp
Leg Chain~ |Haste| Angel Leg Chains
Outfit~ |Masoom| Layla Suit @ Uber
Skin~ |VCO| Lovely Vampire Gacha {006}
Circlet~ |Plastik| Tereli Circlet
Tattoo~ |CerberusXing| Melted Hearts Tattoo @ Uber

Location~ Fallen Ones Realm

Saturday, July 30, 2016

N○ 474

LOTD 474

Face Makeup~ |Plastik| July Fauxe Makeup @ Mainstore
Skin~ |Pink Fuel| Doll v2 Vamp
Collar~ |RealEvil Industries| Simone Heart Collar
Hair~ |Olive| The Lana Hair
Top/Bottoms~ |SPIRIT| Eli Outfit
Ears~ |CerberusXing| Canine Ears
Shoes~ |CerberusXing| Melted Heart Chains @ Uber
Whiskers~ |CerberusXing| Normal Whiskers
Tattoo~ |Nana| Halsey Barbedwire Tattoo @ SaNaRae

Location~ Elysion

Thursday, July 28, 2016

N○ 473

LOTD 473

Hair~ |(red)Mint| No. 39'16
Top~ |Tres Blah| Ken Kimono
Cuffs~ |Plastik| Absole Shield Cuffs @ N21
Earrings~ |Plastik| Hydropine Earrings
Necklace~ |Plastik| Hydropine Necklace
{Earrings/Necklace can be found @ Lost & Found}
[Closeups Here & Here]
Tattoo~ |CerberusXing| Melted Hearts Tattoo @ Uber
Bottoms~ |Blueberry| Pizza Jeans
Shoes~ |Vale Koer| Anka Leather Boots

Location~ Nostalgic

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

N○ 472

LOTD 472pg

Tattoo~ |The White Crow| Inner Universe
Lipstick~ |Dazed| Northelyn Lipstick {For Nyam Nyam}
Skin~ |Pink Fuel| Doll v2
Hair~ |Barberyumyum| 78BHF
Horns~ |Plastik| Crystallisk Horns @ Gacha Garden // Opens Aug.1st
{Closeup Here}
Bracelet~ |Plastik| Dukrys Bracelet @ Gacha Garden
Harness~ |Plastik| Krysa Harness @ Gacha Garden
Collar~ |Plastik| Quartz Neckring @ Gacha Garden
{Closeup Here}
Claws~ |Kibitz| Nila Claws
Skirt~ |Luas Store| Lavender Skirt

Pose~ |Purple Poses| Lena

Monday, July 25, 2016

N○ 471

LOTD 471

Bracelets~ |Candy Crunchers| Ava Bracelets
Shoes~ |Reign| Whatever Heels
Hair~ |Mello| Dreams
Outfit~ |NoName| Raven @ Aloha Fair // Opens the 27th
{30% off at Fair}
Ears~ |Swallow| Shiny Ears
Tattoo~ |VileCult| Corner Glam Gacha // Rare

Tray~ |Hopscotch| Human Serving Tray
Location~ Elysion

Sunday, July 24, 2016

N○ 470

LOTD 470

Rings~ |Plastik| Absole Rings @ N21
Cuffs~ |Plastik| Absole Shield Cuffs @ N21
{Closeups Here & Here}
Outfit~ |Zenith| Monk Dress
Shoulder Pad~ |Zenith| Monk Shoulder Armor
Eyes~ |Antielle| Distilled Eyes
Hair~ |Exile| Captive Kiss
Skin~ |VCO| Doran

Pose/Scythe~ |AnVeay| The Reapers @ Pose Lover & Friends Event

Friday, July 22, 2016

N○ 469

LOTD 469

Horns~ |Plastik| Crystallisk Horns @ The Epiphany
{Closeup Here}
Outfit~ |Emporium| Hathaway Outfit @ Trend Fashion Fair
Bracelets~ |Plastik| Seavyr Bracelets
Necklace~ |Plastik| Spire Quartz Pendant @ The Epiphany
Hair~ |Tableau Vivant| Carrie

Swing~ |Highway65 Poses| Swing
Location~ Elysion

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

N○ 468

LOTD 468

Bum Tattoo~ |The White Crow| Paddle Marks
Leg Harness~ |Empire| Heart Harness
Bow~ |Spellbound| Adored Bow
Top~ |Foxes| Lacey Bralette {Maitreya} // July Luxe Box
Harness~ |Nana| Gillian Harness @ Suicide Dollz
Shoes~ |Reign| Sia Pumps
Blindfold~ |Cubic Cherry| No Evil // See @ ROMP
Hair~ |Due| Atsuko

Pose~ |Ama & Nias| Cuffed Sitting Poses
Paddles~ |Pure of Heart| Multi-Love/Rubber Love Paddles @ ROMP

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

N○ 467

LOTD 467

Top/Bottoms~ |RealEvil Industries| Simone Bra/Panties
Bow~ |Aii| Ningyo Obi @ Ubume x Origami
Rings~ |Plastik| Bea Ringset {Slink Casual}
Bindi~ |Plastik| Bolly Bindi
Earrings~ |Plastik| Folly Earrings
Necklace A~ |Plastik| Lune Necklace
Necklace B~ |Plastik| Spire Quartz Pendant
{All Plastik Items can be found @ The Epiphany as part of the Crystal Boho Gacha}
|Closeups Here & Here|
Shoes~ |Phedora| Lydia
Hair~ |Truth| Oriana
Skin~ |VCO| Doran

Pose~ |Luanes World| Believing In Yourself @ Pose Lover & Friends Event

Sunday, July 17, 2016

N○ 466

LOTD 466

Shoes~ |Empire| Kaffir
Bows~ |Muka| Burlesque Bows
Headpiece~ |Supernatural| Genevieve Headpiece @ The Crossroads
Dress~ |SALT| Lia Dress @ Pose Lovers & Friends Event
Rings~ |Kibitz| Zara Ring Set
Hair~ |Lamb| King {July Luxe Box Gift}
Skin~ |VCO| Doran 002

Pose~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Ailsa-Selfie Pose Pack @ Pose Lover & Friends Event

Saturday, July 16, 2016

N○ 465

LOTD 465

Top~ |Masoom| Madelyn Top @ We <3 RP
Bottom~ |Addams| Marisa Double Lace Shorts
Hair~ |Olive| The Darling Hair // Rare
Earrings~ |Plastik| The Marris Earrings @ The Liaison Collaborative
Necklace A~ |Plastik| The Planted Jewelry @ The Secret Affair
Necklace B~ |Supernatural| Sophie Flowers @ Indie Teepee
Eyes~ |Lovely Disarray| Crazed Usagi Eyes @ Kawaii Project
{Close up of Necklaces/Earrings/Eyes Here}
Skin~ |Pink Fuel| Doll v2
Stockings~ |CerberusXing| Ripped Stockings

Pose~ |Pose It| Nose to Nose @ Pose Lover & Friends Event
Umbrella~ |Cubic Cherry| Ame Umbrella @ Ubume x Origami
Naughty Set~ |Asteroid Box| Insta Princess Decor Collection @ ROMP

Thursday, July 14, 2016

N○ 464

LOTD 464

Head Butterfly~ |Cubic Cherry| Flutter // Exclusive @ The Epiphany
Tattoo~ |La Baguette| Kanza Full Body Tattoo
Shoes~ |Cila| Ribbon Ballet Shoes
Top~ |Tartcake| Don't Stop Believing Top
Hair~ |Olive| The Willow Hair
Collar~ |Asteroid Box| Kitty Collar @ ROMP {Opens the 15th}
Skirt~ |The Bishes Inc.| Princess Skirt
Skin~ |VCO| Nini

Pose~ |Serendipity| Invitation @ Pose Lover & Friends Event {Opens the 15th}
Butterflies/Bottle~ |Cubic Cherry| Flutter Gacha @ The Epiphany 
{Bottle is a Rare}
Leafs~ |Cubic Cherry| Leaf Umbrella's @ The Seasons Story

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

N○ 463

LOTD 463

Leg Harness~ |Empire| Forsythia
Shoes~ |Empire| Foxglove
Bag~ |Sinful Sky| Penta Bag @ The Showroom
Hair~ |Spellbound| Lux
Outfit~ |Violent Seduction| Risa
Collar~ |CerberusXing| Plug Me In Collar

Monday, July 11, 2016

N○ 462

LOTD 462

Socks~ |Atomic| Slouchy Knee Socks
Hair~ |Bold & Beauty| Kendall
Necklace~ |Plastik| The Wenje Jewelry @ The Liaison Collaborative
{Closeup Here}
Earrings~ |Plastik| The Kiki Earrings @ The Chapter 4
{Closeup Here}
Rings~ |Kibitz| Olzen Ring Set
Mouth~ |VCO| Kiss Me Mesh Lip 001 // Rare
Outfit~ |Sweet Thing| Memoire @ Collabor88 {Maitreya Only}
Shoes~ |Breathe| Mambo Heels
Skin~ |VCO| Doran Skin

Pose~ |Highway65 Poses| Wet Summer
Location~ Elysion

Sunday, July 10, 2016

N○ 461

LOTD 461

Socks~ |Muka| Garter Socks
Ears~ |Altair| Freya Ears
Shoes~ |Kio-Kio| Bitch Craft Wedges
Bracelet~ |Izzie's| Pride Bracelet
Top~ |LAZYBONES| Peekaboo Shirt
Hair~ |Taketomi| Koti
Tail~ |Lemon Tea| Somali Neko Tail
Skin~ |Cureless| Endorphine
Blush~ |The White Crow| Shy Lover Blush

Pose~ |Highway65 Poses| Sisters
{Thank you Akina for helping me ♥}

Friday, July 8, 2016

N○ 460

LOTD 460

Shoes~ |Empire| Iberis // Past Midnight Madness
Hair~ |Spellbound| Cursed
Tail~ |Evermore| Nail Trap Cuff
Pasties~ |Nana| Jaqui Pasties @ Suicide Dollz
{Closeup Here}
Harness/Panties~ |Phedora| Scarlet Harness/Panties
Top~ |Vinyl| Akeda Harness Top
Skin~ |Plastik| Gorie @ MadPea Events
{Can buy the HUD at Plastik's Mainstore}

Pose~ |Highway65 Poses| In Your Arms

Thursday, July 7, 2016

N○ 459

LOTD 459

Rings~ |Amala| The Alaska Rings
Wand~ |ISON| Sailor Wand
Shoes~ |Moon Elixir| Crystal Heels // Rare
Outfit~ |Sweet Thing| Sailor Suit @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Hair~ |Truth| Coco
Bracelets~ |CandyDoll| Bow Bracelets
Balloons~ |Cubic Cherry| Baloooons Wings @ Dreamful
Skin~ |VCO| Sena

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

N○ 458

LOTD 458

Shoes~ |Empire| Amaranth
Mesh Head~ |Aii| Tsukiakuma Mesh Head
Hair~ |Spellbound| Wolves
Outfit~ |Plastik| Vore Set @ Pulse
Rings~ |Izzie's| Celestial Midi Rings
Skin~ |Plastik| Spektrum Skin @ Pulse

Pose~ |Highway65 Poses| Beachy
Location~ Elysion

Monday, July 4, 2016

N○ 457

LOTD 457

Tattoo~ |Urban Street| Lostnature Tattoo
Skin~ |Pink Fuel| Doll v2
Bracelets A~ |Katat0nik| Maiu Bracelets
Bracelets B~ |Muka| Claire
Armstraps~ |Muka| Alia Armstraps
Hair~ |Magika| Thread
Goggles~ |SinfulSky| Beyond Goggles @ Roulett3
Mask~ |Cubic Cherry| Smile! Masks @ The Se7en
Top~ |Vinyl| Schultz Tube Top
Bottoms~ |Vinyl| Neyla Shorts
Shoes~ |Vale Koer| Sahara Heels

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Skin Deep B
Location~ Elysion

Sunday, July 3, 2016

N○ 456

LOTD 456

Shoes~ |Violent Seduction| Dauphine Shoes
Card Mouthie~ |Cubic Cherry| Cubic Captor Cherry Gacha Set @ The Crystal Heart
Halo~ |Cubic Cherry| Cubic Captor Cherry Gacha Set @ The Crystal Heart
{Close Up Here} // Was moved to fit to my back //
Rings~ |Kibitz| Olzen Ring Set
Bracelets~ |Kibitz| Starry Bracelets
Bottoms~ |SPIRIT| Sianna Jeans
Hair~ |Atomic| Harajuku Me
Top~ |Vincue| Limy+Top
Skin~ |VCO| Nini

Pose~ |Highway65 Poses| Besties // New Release!