Saturday, April 30, 2016

N○ 415

LOTD 415

Shoes~ |Reign| Heart Plats
Stockings~ |Avanti| Mephista Stockings
Eyepatch~ |Distorted Dreams| Squishy Eyepatch // Rare @ Kowai PonPon (Opens Soon)
{Closeup Here}
Collar~ |Pixel Geek| Skull Choker @ Kowai PonPon
Hair~ |Truth| Kyra // Rare (HUDs)
Top~ |LoveFox| Sweater; Slime @ Kowai PonPon
Head/Skin~ |SOMEMORE| SaeBom Skin Tone 02

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Underwing* Dusk
Octy~ |Distorted Dreams| Squishy Chair @ Kowai PonPon

Friday, April 29, 2016

N○ 414

LOTD 414

Head/Skin~ |Somemore| Saebhom Mesh Head #1 @ SanaRae
{Has Maitreya/Slink Appliers}
Hair~ |Wasabi Pills| Sally
Collar~ |Nocciola| Double Collar @ Kowai PonPon {Opening Soon}
Top~ |Foxes| Spiritualist Kimono
Hair Pins~ |Melonopolis| Star Dreamer // Rare
{Thank you Bae for making a rainbow one even though it was a pain lol}

Table/Cushion~ |C.C Kre-ations| Calm Set @ SanaRae

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

N○ 413

LOTD 413

Shoes~ |Momento| Star Platforms // Rare
Head/Skin~ |SOMEMORE| SaeBom Mesh Head // Rare @ SanaRae
Hair~ |Barberyumyum| 710
Collar~ |Altair| Hime Collar
Pen~ |AsteroidBox| Charm Mouthie Pens
Eyes~ |Buzzeri| Glacier Eyes - Hazel // Rare
Dress~ |Masoom| Reham Dress @ Uber

Pose~ |Okkbye| Relaxed Pose
Location~ Mataiva

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

N○ 412

LOTD 412

Outfit/Hands~ |Cureless| Synthetic Angels 
{Hands are Rare}
Hair~ |Discord Designs| Codie (Flagrant System Error)
Headphones~ |Nana| Neme Neko Headphones @ Suicide Dollz
Skin~ |Cureless| Haemoglobine
Eyebrows~ |Bossie| Alice Eyebrows

Pose~ |Okkbye| Relaxed Stance

Sunday, April 24, 2016

N○ 411

LOTD 411

Shoes~ |Mignon| Romantic Pearl Pumps
Stockings~ |Quirky| Lovely Socks
Hair~ |Lamb| Siren
Necklace~ |Yummy| Bottle Necklace
Nails~ |Moon Amore| Ocean Nails
Dress~ |Sakide| Luminous Dress {Relay For Life Hunt Item}
Skin~ |Plastik| Wylde Skin // Paz @ Fantasy Faire

Pose~ |Secret Body Poses| Blue Balloon
Location~ Despina

Saturday, April 23, 2016

N○ 410

LOTD 410

Headset/Ipod~ |Pure Of Heart| Beary Tuneage w/Heartbeatz-Pod @ Somewhere Over The Rainbow Event
Rings~ |Plastik| Geoh Rings @ Shiny Shabby
{Preview Here}
Bag~ |Plastik| Norie Tote // Rare @ N21
Skin~ |Plastik| Wylde Skin // Ofira @ Fantasy Faire
Dress~ |Sweet Thing| Nova Dress @ Kawaii Project
Hair~ |Due| Inka Ombre 7
Collar~ |LoveFox| Kawaii Neko Collar
Shoes~ |NoName| Hecate Heels

Pose~ |Nani Poses| Crazy Cat Lady #2
Location~ Slow

Thursday, April 21, 2016

N○ 409

LOTD 409

Shoes~ |Momento| Star Platform Heels
Outfit~ |Aii| Sweetheart Succubus @ ROMP
{Fitted Breasts/Top}
Eyes~ |A.D.D.Andel| Galaxy Eyes // Rare
Hair~ |Magika| Bad Habit
Choker~ |Violent Seduction| Selene Ribbon Choker
Halo~ |C.C Kre-ations| Rising Moon Halo @ Fantasy Faire
Skin~ |Plastik| Wylde Skin @ Fantasy Faire

Pose~ |Scene| F061-065
Location~ Elysion

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

N○ 408

LOTD 408

Hat~ |LoveFox| Witch Hat
Shoes~ |Reign| Villencia Heels
Hair~ |Blues| Shiny
Dress~ |Sakide| Divali Dress @ Black Fashion Fair
Necklace~ |MoDANNA| Viper Choker
Skin~ |Abaddon Arts| Dolly Skin

Pose~ |SnapHappy| Witchy Staff // Staff Included
Location~ Noelia Island

Monday, April 18, 2016

N○ 407

LOTD 407

Tattoo~ |White Widow| Southpaw Henna // Rare
Earrings~ |Plastik| Benthe Earrings @ The Liaison Collaborative
Outfit~ |Plastik| Silas Outfit @ Romp
Rings/Bracelets~ |Candy Crunchers| Ava Jewelry
Shoes~ || Effy Sandals
Hair~ |Pr!tty| Kelly
Skin~ |Glam Affair| Lia

Pose~ |Body Language| Mikaela
Location~ Elysion

Sunday, April 17, 2016

N○ 406

LOTD 406

Necklace~ |RealEvil Industries| Caged Heart Collar
Outfit~ |Aii| Moon Princess Ribbon Suit w/ Shawl @ The Kawaii Project
Hair~ |Spellbound| Lost w/ Bow Gag
Rings~ |Candy Crunchers| Aria Rings
Hand Tattoo~ |Plastik| The Olivandre Tattoo
Skin~ |Enfer Sombre| Momo

Tree/Crystals~ |C.C Kre-ations| Whimsical Garden @ The Gacha Guardians
Petals/Spirit/Bubbles~ |C.C Kre-ations| Waterlilly @ The Gathering
{Spirit is a Rare}
Pose~ |!bang| Flying Fae

Saturday, April 16, 2016

N○ 405

LOTD 405

Top~ |Supernatural| Skye @ SanaRae
{Panties not Shown}
Shoes~ |Poisoned Diamond| Zip It Platform @ The Shoe Project
Skirt~ |Plastik| The Vore @ ROMP
Bellyrope~ |Plastik| Kysis Bellyrope
Bracelets~ |Candy Crunchers| Ava Bracelets
Jacket~ |Cheeky| Polly Spring Jacket @ anyBODY
Hair~ |Tableau Vivant| Eliza Hair
Claws~ |CerberusXing| Ironclad Claws
Skin~ |La Petite Morte| Ellen

Pose~ |Axix| Drama
Location~ Ironwood Hills

Friday, April 15, 2016

404 Not Found

404 Not Found

Tattoo~ |Hariboo| Sakura Girl
Shoes/Umbrella/Eyepatch~ |C.C Kre-ations| Dolly Gacha @ The Epiphany
{Shoes are Rare}
Collar~ |Asteroid Box| Posture Collar @ 50 Shades of Lust // Opens April 17th
Backpack~ |Asteroid Box| Bubble Backpack @ Suicide Dollz
Bracelets/Rings~ |Candy Crunchers| Ava Set
Dress~ |Sweet Thing| Bowknot Dress @ Kustom9
Hair~ |Monso| Sola
Skin/Mouth~ |VCO| Sena Skin/Mesh Lips

Chair/Table~ |C.C Kre-ations| Lil Cafe Set @ The Seasons Story

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

N○ 403

LOTD 403

Hair~ |Olive| The Daisy Hair
Necklace/Bracers~ |Plastik| Goth Essentials @ Epiphany
Rings~ |Candy Crunchers| Aria Rings
Face Cross~ |Nana| Demian Mask @ Suicide Dollz
Shoes~ |Sakide| Snake Sneakers @ 100 Block
Jacket/Outfit~ |Masoom| Urban Chic @ 100 Block
Skin~ |Glam Affair| Soha

Location~ Romantic Hideaway

N○ 402

LOTD 402

Tattoo~ |Antielle| Homunculus // Rare
Botttoms~ |Pixicat| Linn Cargo Pants
Jewelry/Clutch/Top/Heels~ |Plastik| Goth Essentials @ Epiphany // Opening Soon
{Clutch is Ultra Rare // Harness is Epic // Shoes is Rare}
Rings~ |Candy Crunchers| Ava Rings
Hair~ |Moon| Small
Tail~ |CerberusXing| Kusarigama Tail // Rare
Nose Bleed~ |VileCult| Nose Leak // Blood
Skin~ |Glam Affair| Vanessa

Pose~ |Imeka| Neo Pose Pack

Sunday, April 10, 2016

N○ 401

LOTD 401

Mouthie~ |Pure of Heart| Furtune of Love // April Group Gifty
Hair~ |Bold & Beauty| Nicole
Necklace~ |Asteroid Box| Love Skull Necklace
Shoes~ |Lassitude & Ennui| Nevermore Heels
Bracelets~ |Noodles| Zoey Bracelets
Top~ |Masoom| Uriel Top @ Uber
Bottoms~ |Vinyl| Oakley Jeans
Skin~ |Amara Beauty| Lucie

Location~ Slow

Friday, April 8, 2016

N○ 400

LOTD 400

Shoes~ |Couture Rock| Pristine Plateau Boots
Stockings~ |Quirky| Like A Lady
Coat/Hat~ |Nana| Sienna @ The Chapter Four
Hair~ |Bold & Beauty| Kendall
Skin~ |VCO| Benny
Lingerie~ |Milk Tea| Starlight

Pose~ |Kirin Poses| Miki
Location~ New Providence

Thursday, April 7, 2016

N○ 399

LOTD 399

Shoes~ |Empire| Mimosa
Leg Harness'~ |Empire| Lower Leg Harness
Rings~ |Plastik| Derre Rings
Horns~ |Plastik| Zaida Horns @ We <3 RP
{Also available with a Braid}
Hair~ |Exile| Young and Beautiful
Dress~ |Foxes| Dip Dress
Skin~ |KOOQLA| Ember

Pose~ |Mien Poses| Cora
Location~ Elysion

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

N○ 398

LOTD 398

Shoes~ |Vale Koer| Fairytale Platforms
Dress~ |Plastik| Elaira Dress {Mainstore Release}
Necklace A~ |Altair| Mahou Key Necklace
Necklace B~ |Babydoll| Bow Necklace
Garters~ |Pixel Geek| Spiked Bow Garters @ Kawaii Pon-Pon
Bracelets~ |Sweet Thing| Pentagram Trick
Skin~ |PUMEC| Isa // Catwa Appliers {March}
Hair~ |Taketomi| Eulalia

Pose~ |Glamrus| Cherri
Location~ Roche

Monday, April 4, 2016

N○ 397

LOTD 397

Tattoo~ |Identity| Every Sign
Boots~ |Epic| Sweet Suede Boots
Skirt~ |Blueberry| Back To School Skirt //Past Midnight Madness//
Hair~ |Moon| Labyrinth
Backpack~ |Nana| Aki/Mira Badpacks @ Dreams
Top~ |Cheeky| Raziel Corset @ Suicide Dollz
Necklace~ |Violent Seduction| Strega Necklace
Skin~ |Le Forme| Eva Pale
{For Catwa}

Pose~ |Purple Poses| Lena
Location~ Elysion

Saturday, April 2, 2016

N○ 396

LOTD 396

Pasties~ |Foxy| Nipple Pasties
Skirt~ |Poisoned Diamond| Hipscage @ Bodyfy
Hair/Hat~ |HalfMagic| BunBun @ Kawaii Pon-Pon
Gag~ |AsteroidBox| Kinky & Kawaii Gag @ Kinky Monthly
Top~ |Cheeky| Underbreast Shirt @ Kinky Monthly
Bottoms~ |Blueberry| Denise
Shoes~ |Reign| Mila Heels
Nails~ |CerberusXing| Ironclad Claws
Skin~ |Aii| Sleepless Skin @ Mainstore
{Featured is Frail}
Tattoo~ |Inhale| Let It Sleep Sleeves

Pose~ |Purple Poses| Lena
Location~ Elysion

Friday, April 1, 2016

N○ 395

LOTD 395

Blush~ |Blah| My Super Kawaii Blush
Shoes~ |Empire| Daffodil
Dress~ |Nocciola| Hime Lolita Dress @ Kawaii Pon-Pon
Necklace~ |AsteroidBox| Game Girl
Hair~ |Magika| Dreamy
Hat~ |C.C Kre-ations| Ichigo Cake Hat @ Kawaii Pon-Pon
Bows~ |LoveFox| Lolita Bows @ Kawaii Pon-Pon
Skin~ |VCO| Benny
Umbrella~ |Konpeitou| Sakura-Kasa (Benji) @ Kawaii Pon-Pon

Pose~ |Glamrus| Cherri