Monday, February 27, 2017

N○ 581

LOTD 581

Halo~ |EMPIRE| Arcade Dec '16 - Halo
Wings~ |Aii| Devil Wings (hips)
Pasties~ |ALTAIR| crystal pasties  .pink. - Maitreya
Items Listed Below are all from Sweet Thing & can be found in the upcoming Arcade!
Clockwork Doll Brassiere - Fatpack (Maitreya) 
Clockwork Doll Collar - Fatpack (Maitreya)
Clockwork Doll Corset (Maitreya)
Clockwork Doll Garter - Fatpack (Maitreya)
Clockwork Doll Panties - Fatpack (Maitreya)
Ball-Jointed Doll // Applier (Maitreya/Omega)
Rings~ |FormaNails| Accessories - CIRI for Bento VISTA - RINGS
Hair~ |Runaway| Cinderella Hair
Eyes~ |S0NG| Gloom~ Verde Eyes
Skin~ |Mudskin| Samantha#S2

Cupcakes~ |Plastik| Sugar High Gatcha @ International Food Fair

Friday, February 24, 2017

N○ 580

LOTD 580

Outfit~ |Belle Epoque| Persian Dancer
Arm Bracers~ |Belle Epoque| Inner Goddess Arm Bracelets
Shawl w/ Hands~ |Aii| White Transcendence Painted {Mainstore Release}
Earrings~ |Plastik| Lotusela Earrings @ Lost & Found
{Closeup Here}
Nails~ |Plastik| Nailpolishes - Danna @ Shiny Shabby
{Closeup Here}
Shoes~ |Glamistry| LILIUM Heels {Mainstore Release}
{Closeup Here}
Hair~ |TRUTH| Ice w/ Bangs
Pasties~ |Cubic Cherry| {Rose} pasties WHITE  chains (unrig) @ Kawaii Project
{Closeup Here}
Eyes~ |S0NG| Cult~ Pale Blue Eyes
Skin~ |YS&YS| Milly Tone 02 Lelutka Applier
Orbs~ |Cubic Cherry| {Pixie} orb LIGHT // Treasure Chest

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

N○ 579

LOTD 579

Tattoo~ |NOX| Laceration [Full]
Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.5
Mask~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Bunny Gas Mask - Black @ Suicide Dollz
Headphones~ |Cubic Cherry|{Honshu} headphones - cool RARE @ Whimsical
Necklace~ |Plastik| Ozyn Necklace [Hourglass] @ Shiny Shabby
Earrings~ |Plastik| Starre Earrings
{Closeup Here}
Hair~ |Beusy| The Simple Hair Style [Common #2]
Shoes~ |VALE KOER| Ribbon Platforms // Slink
Outfit~ |Chemical Princess| Popi Shirt/Skirt @ Suicide Dollz
Skin~ |Glam Affair| Thabita (LeLutka Applier) Asia

Sunday, February 19, 2017

N○ 578

LOTD 578

Shoes~ |Empire| Tithonia {Maitreya}
Ears~ |Aii| Bento Fox Ears
Hair~ |Aii| Tsuki Hair (-hime strands) @ Sanarae
Halo/ Lilies~ |Aii| White Spider Lily Gld Halo/White Cluster Spider Lily Accessory @ Sanarae
Necklace~ |Supernatural| Trixie Necklace {Copper} @ Madpea's International Food Fair
Outfit~ |Supernatural| Valentina White [Maitreya] @ The Liaison Collaborative
Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.4
Tail~ |Sweet Thing| Fuwa Tail (Bento) 1.0 @ Kustom9
Bento Hands~ |VISTA| Prohands V.1 Final
Eyes~ |S0NG| Maki~ Pale Green Eyes
Skin~ |Essences| Anke [Lelutka Bento - Simone]

Saturday, February 18, 2017

N○ 577

LOTD 577

Octopus~ |Aii| Clingy Octopus Blu (and fish) @ The Kawaii Project
{Closeup Here}
Squid~ |Half-Deer| Psychedel-ink Squid - BANGIN'
Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.4
Necklace~ |Plastik| Ozyn Necklace [Hourglass] @ Shiny Shabby
{Closeup Here}
Hair~ |Doe| Heartbeat V1  Bangs 1&2 (Add)  - Candy RARE
Bento Hands~ |Vista| Prohand V.1 Final
Outfit~ |SAKIDE| Bind Lingerie Top/Panties Slink Hourglass
Eyes~ |Buzzeri| Crystal Eyes
Nails/Rings~ [CX]xQuirky // Phat 90s Rings, Phat Claws - Painted (Bento Vista)
Skin~ |MUDSKIN| Samantha #S2
Eye Makeup~ |Chemical Princess| Crow Eyeshadow @ Applique

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

N○ 576

LOTD 576

Hair~ |#Foxy| Cattitude. (M)
Choker~ |Supernatural| Bethany #1 Black - White @ Cosmopolitan
{Closeup Here}
Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.2
Necklace~ |Plastik| Femme Moon Mother Necklace [Short]:// Faceted @ Whimsical
{Closeup Here}
Earrings~ |Plastik| Moon Mother Earrings @ Whimsical
{Closeup Here}
Outfit~ |Cheeky| Ash Mini Dress! "Fuck Love" [Hourglass] @ Love Interuption
Stockings~ |REIGN| Valentine Mix and Match Socks/Stockings(Hourglass-High)
Bento Hands~ |VISTA| Prohand V.1 Final
Nails/Rings~ [CX]xQuirky // Cute 90s Rings // Phat Claws - Painted (Bento Vista)
Eyes~ |S0NG| Blossom~ Light Grey Eyes
Nipple Pasty~ |Fawn's Demise| Heart Nipples // Marketplace
{Closeup Here}
Lip Tattoo~ |Chemical Princess| Menz Lips @ Applique

Monday, February 13, 2017

N○ 575

LOTD 575

Shoes~ |Katat0nik| Toy Boots
Tattoo~ |Hariboo| Sakura Girl Tattoo
Ears~ |Aii| Bento Fox Ears
Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.2
Necklace~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Gamer's Heart set XOXO Necklace @ XOXO Hunt
Bracelet~ |Plastik| Slap Bracelet:// Holo @ 90's Rewind
{Closeup Here}
Tail~ |Sweet Thing| Luci Tail (Bento) 1.0 @ Enchantment
Bento Hands~ |VISTA| Prohand V.1 Final
Hair~ |Monso| My Hair - Mia /Brown
Dress~ [NOIR] Pretty In Punk_Set 4 - med
Eyes~ |S0NG| Anim~ Bubble Eyes
Skin~ |Evermore| Anazella Skin (Fair) Omega
Lip Tint~ |Clemm| Love Poison

Gameboy Bag~ |Cubic Cherry| CubicBoy Bag Pink @ 90's Rewind

Everything Listed below is From Plastik's 90's Radikal Gatcha from Rewind :D
 Trollies (Rez)
Spiragraffs:// Colorful
Glitter Rollies:// Colorful
Bubble Chair:// Purple
Razyr Phone (HUD-Controlled)
Tamamonster Lanyard
Butterfly Makeups:// Cute
Pergs:// New RARE
Poosh Pops (Rez)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

N○ 574

LOTD 574

Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.2
Backpack~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Book of Spells Backpack - Black @ The Coven
{Closeup Here}
Hair~ |Besom| Debrossi
Necklace/Earrings~ |Lovely Disarray| Heavy Industrial : Earrings/Necklace @ Bodyfy
{Closeup Here}
Shoes~ |REIGN| Huntress Boots (Maitreya-High)
Outfit~ |SinfulSky| Valentina Lingerie - Bra/Panties (Maitreya) @ Fetish Fair
Bento Hands ~ |Vista| ProHand V.1 Final
Ears~ |Swallow| Punky Ears
Garters~ |Chemical Princess| Love Garters Maitreya @ Anybody
Tattoo~ |Chemical Princess| Bite Marks Tattoo @ Bodyfy
Skin~ |YS & YS| Danalu Tone 00 Skin Applier LELUTKA Bento Head

Thursday, February 9, 2017

N○ 573

LOTD 573

Halo~ |Blueberry| Angelberry -Common- Halo - Shine
Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.2
Dress~ |Plastik| Edenne Metal Dress [Lara]:// Lily @ Collabor88
Footwear~ || - Aisling.Wraps (Cloud) - Maitreya High
Rings~ |Lassitude & Ennui| Bewitched love rings B gold (Vista Bento hands)
Hair~ |Pr!tty| Hannah - {Rootless}
Bento Hands~ |VISTA| Prohand V.1 Final
Collar~ |Cubic Cherry| {Beast} choker - WHITE @ Collabor88
{Closeup Here}
Skin~ |*(OO)*YUKI| Cha Bento [LeLutka]

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

N○ 572

LOTD 572

Shoes~ |EMPIRE| Daphne - Maitreya
Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.2
Halo~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Antheia Halo Crown @ The Coven
Hair~ |DOUX| Aleena Hairstyle [M] / Boobs
Eyes~ |Cubic Cherry|{Wisp} eyes {choco} @ We <3 RP
Leg Garters~ |Chemical Princess| Love Garters {Maitreya} @ Anybody
Outfit~ |Chemical Princess| Oceanic Bra/Panties/Top @ Suicide Dollz
Skin~ |Glam Affair| Susan Lelutka Applier - Asia 02

Sunday, February 5, 2017

N○ 571

LOTD 571

Ears/Tail~ |Aii| Bento Fox Ears/Bento Fox Tail @ We <3 RP
Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.2
Face Mask~ |Cubic Cherry|{Naps} Mask Shy White @ The Gacha Garden
Socks~ |Zenith| BabyDoll Long Socks (Candy) -Maitreya
Skin~ |Evermore| Sigrid (Porcelain Tone) Omega
Outfit~ |Miwa's Airship| Sport time Outfit #Pink
Hair~ |Monso| My Hair - Jelly/Brown
Eyes~ |S0NG| Chin~ Lime Eyes

Flamingo's~ |Ohmai| Flamingo J/D/G (Rez) [Peach]
Rug~ |Half-Deer| Frilly Heart Rug - Nature - Strawberry
Deer Head~ |Half-Deer| Flutterby Deer Fauxidermy - Blush
String Lights~ |Half-Deer| Flower Stringlights - Curved

Pose By Me~

Friday, February 3, 2017

N○ 570

LOTD 570

Chest Tattoo~ |Plastik| Dae Chest Tattoo {Closeup Here}
Makeup~ |Plastik| Dae Makeup:// Fresh {Closeup Here}
Necklace A~ |Plastik| Claw Necklace [Fem-Long]:// Black
Headdress~ |Plastik| Daemonus Headdress RARE {Closeup Here}
Bindi~ |Plastik| Pearl Bindi [HUD-Controlled]
{All Plastik Items can be Found @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Opens Soon}
Bracelets~ |Aisling| Elyan Bracelets
Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.2
Eyes~ |antielle.| Distilled Eyes+Shine (Regular)
Dress~ |Blueberry| Selena Dress w/ Panties - Hourglass
Hair~ |DOUX| Roshambo Hairstyle [M] / Boobs
Shoes~ |CerberusXing| Piton Pumps - Black (Slink + Black)
Necklace B~ |Melonopolis| Beloved Potion Necklace @ The Coven {Opens Today!}
Ears~ |Swallow| Ears Elf HD - High Definition
Skin~ |ItGirls| Ava Summer Lelutka Applier

Lounge~ |Pixel Mode| Velvet Covered Chaise - Non Animated
Skybox~ |Spellbound| The Oubliette Skybox
Signs~ |RC Cluster| Show me a Sign - Spellcasters & Seers - Palm/Toad @ The Coven
Love Alter~ |Velika Rituals| The Love altar The Coven
Cauldron/Tea Cup~ |Candle & Cauldron|  "Perpetual Prana" -  Cauldron/Tea Cup The Coven
Candle~ |Velika Rituals| Cauldron Candle - Valentines @ The Coven

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

N○ 569

LOTD 569

 Tattoo~ |The White Crow| Blessed Child 11 RARE
Bento Head~ |LeLutka| Simone 2.2
|Moon Elixir| - Fairytale Atelier - 1 - Lara - Corset - RARE
|Moon Elixir| - Fairytale Atelier - 1 - Lara - Pasties - RARE
|Moon Elixir| - Fairytale Atelier - 12 - Lara - Panties - Pink
|Moon Elixir| - Fairytale Atelier - 2 - Lara - Cage - RARE
|Moon Elixir| - Fairytale Atelier - 2 - Lara - Skirt - RARE
Shoes~ |Reign| Platform Ballet Slippers (Maitreya-Flat)
Eyes~ |Buzzeri| Okina Eyes - Chlorine
Hair~ |Monso| My Hair - Melisa (m) /Brown
Skin~ |Pink Acid| Lelutka Skin Applier - Masuku - Ivory