Monday, February 29, 2016

N○ 377

LOTD 377

Stockings~ |Atomic| Rose Princess Stockings
Shoes~ |Plastik| Mynerva Flats @ Shiny Shabby
Dress~ |Nana| Camila Dress @ SanaRae
Kitten~ |Sweet Thing| Cuddle Kitties {Madam // Rare} @ The Arcade
{Opening Soon!}
Hair~ |Truth| Polilla {Comes with the Headband}
Cuffs~ |LoveFox| Kinky Cuffs @ Kinky Monthly
Skin~ |Enfer Sombre| Misa {Peach Tone}
Nom~ |LoveFox| Krimu Pan
{Featured in Whinsical and will be in Mainstore Soon}

Pose~ |Clemmm| Try Hard Cutie
Location~ Sarawak

Sunday, February 28, 2016

N○ 376

LOTD 376

Outfit~ |Supernatural| Brandi @ Kinky
Shoes~ |Tabou Irresistible| Evil Pumps
Choker~ |Cureless| Sour Candy Choker {Love Stinks}
Hair~ |Runaway| Amalthea Hair
Skin~ |Enfer Sombre| Emi Skin {Porcelain}
Tattoo~ |Se//mi| Hanasaku
Drool~ |Katatonik| Drool

Pose~ |Nomore.| Dignified Pose
Location~ Hazardous

Friday, February 26, 2016


LOTD 375

Shoes~ |Vale Koer| Harley Sneaker Heels
Top~ |Pixicat| Metal Top
Horns~ |C.C Kre-ations| Qin Horns //RareSanarae
Pet~ |Cureless| Octopunk
Choker~ |Cureless| Sour Candy Choker
Hair~ |Truth| Morgana
Skirt~ |Cheeky| Veri High Waist Skirt @ Hipster Fair
Skin~ |Enfer Sombre| Human Candy

Pose~ |Dreamsicle| Succubus Static Poses
Location~ Orchid

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

N○ 374

LOTD 374

Bracelets~ |Aisling| Elyan Bracelets
Rings~ |Souen| FoxBirthstone Ring
Outfit~ |Plastik| Mahva Dress {Mainstore Release}
Earrings/Necklace~ |Plastik| Roan Jewelry @ N21
Shoes~ |Plastik| Mynerva Flats @ Shiny Shabby
Nailpolish~ |Plastik| Heaven Flakes @ N21
~Preview Here
Eyes~ |Brixley| Haze Eyes
Hair~ |Elikatira| Lillian
Skin~ |Essences| NurainPO2
{Catwa Applier}
Lipgloss~ |Le Forme| Ushio Lipgloss
{Catwa Applier}

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Probable Cause A
Location~ Elysion

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

N○ 373

LOTD 373

Bracelets~ |Siratama| Pearl Bracelet
Necklace/Choker~ |Plastik| Amalthea Jewelry
Outfit~ |Altair| Mimi Dress @ Whimsical
Hair~ |Pr!tty| Mayberry
Shoes~ |Violent Seduction| Kraken Heels
Plush~ |Violent Seduction| Jinx
Skin~ |VCO| Doran Skin Gacha 006

Pose~ |La Baguette| Mew Poses
Location~ The Outer Garden

Sunday, February 21, 2016

N○ 372

LOTD 372

Top~ |NoName| Candy Corset @ Eat Your Heart Out Fair
Wings~ |Trap & Gauze| Succubus Wings @ Hentai Fair
Necklace~ |Plastik| The Roan Jewelry @ N21
Shoes~ |Momento| Buckle Ankle Boots
Pants~ |Fishy Strawberry| Coated Pants
Eyes~ |Soul| Oculos
Nails~ |CerberusXing| Hayop
Tongue~ |CerberusXing| Tied Tongue
Hair~ |Due| Claudette
Skin~ |Glam Affair| Soha Asia 3
Tattoo~ |Speakeasy| Skitz Tattoo

Pose~ |Posel| Model Posepack

Saturday, February 20, 2016

N○ 371

LOTD 371

Hair/Ears/Cuffs/Collar~ |Taketomi|Yurisa
Eyes~ |Evermore| Only See Senpai
Outfit~ |Sweet Thing| Bondage Wraps @ Hentai Fair
Shoes~ |Candydoll| Sassy Heels
Gag~ |C.C Kre-ations| Kawaii Hoshi @ Hentai Fair
Skin~ |VCO| Angie

Statue~ |Aii| Nogitsune Statue @ Whimsical
Lounge~ |Stockholm&Lima| Lovers Lounge
Little Buddy~ |C.C Kre-ations| Spytatoes @ Collabor88
Screen~ |Concept| Nature Panel B

Thursday, February 18, 2016

N○ 370

LOTD 370

Wings~ |Plastik| Dene Wings // Rare
{Preview here}
Necklace~ |Plastik| Forestren Necklace
Wand~ |Plastik| Quartz Wand // Rare
Earrings~ |Plastik| Twigged Earrings
{All of Plastik's Products are part of the Petrichor Druid Gacha found at Whimsical}
Boots~ |Sweet Thing| Cyber Stompers @ The Kawaii Project
Eyes~ |Mudskin| Miro Eye
Dress~ |Sakide| Lidae Dress @ Flower Power
Hair~ |Runaway| Jill Hair
Skin~ |Glam Affair| Soha

Pose~ |Body Language| Me
Location~ Asalia House

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

N○ 369

LOTD 369

Socks~ |Altair| Cross Ruffle Socks @ The Kawaii Project
Top/Bottoms/Garters~ |Sweet Thing| Giftwrap @ Mainstore
Hair~ |Due| Claudette
Gloves/Headband~ |Vincue| Kittie Set
{Both items are Rare}
Skin~ |VCO| Doran
Lips~ |VCO| Pony
Tattoo~ |DATUM| XO

Pose~ |.Mien. Poses| Cora

Monday, February 15, 2016

N○ 368

LOTD 368

Arm Cuffs~ |Quirky| ME!ME!ME! Arm Cuffs
Bracelets~ |Avanti| Zeta Bracelets
Necklace~ |Plastik| Azunite Necklace @ Gacha Garden
Hair~ |Besom| Debrossi
Shoes~ |United Colors| Leather High Heels
Phone~ |Melonopolis| BEEple Mobile Phone @ Flower Power
Top~ |NoName| Alissa Top
Bottoms~ |NoName| Amara Shorts
Skin~ |Essences| Natasja
{Catwa Appliers}

Pose~ |BellePoses| Katheryn
Location~ Celestial Lights

Sunday, February 14, 2016

N○ 367

LOTD 367
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Horn~ |Aii| Enchanted Unicorn Horn @ Enchantment
Animation Here
Hair~ |Aii| Amalthea Hair @ Enchantment
Necklaces~ |Plastik| Amalthea Jewelry @ Enchantment
Sleeves~ |Plastik| Whimsy Sleeves Enchantment
Eyes~ |Just Magnetized| Basic Eye
Wings/Ears/Tail~ |CottonCandy Monster| Mesmerized Set
Skin~ |La Petite Morte| Amalthea Unicorn @ Enchantment

Pose~ |Elephante Poses| Amalthea
Location~ Mayfly

Thursday, February 11, 2016

N○ 366

LOTD 366

Top~ |Sakide| Amorous Tank @ Thrift Shop
Tattoo~ |Supernatural| Yula Tattoo @ Suicide Dollz
Claws~ |Equinox| Marlee Claws
Shoes~ |Le Primitif| Cutout Sandals
Head Chain~ |Axix| Zydien Head Chain
Bracelets~ |Plastik| Kindred Bracelet @ We <3 RP
Hair~ |Magika| Never
Eyes~ |Potcha| Yukino Eyes
Skin~ |MPC| Isa
{Catwa Appliers}

Pose~ |La Baguette| Mew Poses

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

N○ 365

LOTD 364
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Outfit~ |Supernatural| Alya Jumpsuit {Jack or Jill Hunt}
Hint: I'm blonde, I have an angelic face and my name begins with the letter N, meet me and you will get a great surprise.
Tattoo~ |White Widow| Legend
Eyes~ |Quirky| Esoteric Eyes
Hair~ |.Shi| Street Chic
Cuffs~ |Insanya| Captive Cuffs
Necklace~ |Plastik| Forevyr Chain @ The Thrift Shop
Choker~ |Plastik| Arii Necklace @ The Thrift Shop
Bracelets/Rings~ |Plastik| Derre Jewelry @ Liaison Collaborative
Shoes~ |Plastik| Voll Boots @ Liaison Collaborative
Skin/Mouth~ |Atomic| Winter

Location~ Elysion

Monday, February 8, 2016

N○ 364

LOTD 364
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Hat~ |Nana| Clash Beanie {Care} @ Thrift Shop
Top~ |Pixicat| Crop Sweater
Bottoms~ |Pixicat| Klara Jeans
Hair~ |Wasabi Pills| Jade
Bracelets/Rings~ |Plastik| Derre Jewelry @ Liaison Collaborative
{Rings fit Maitreya/Slink Gesture Hands}
Choker~ |Plastik| The Forevyr Jewelry @ Thrift Shop 
Boots~ |Tentacio| Winter Boots
Skin~ |MPC| Julia
{Catwa Appliers}
Eyeliner~ |Izzie's| Catwa Eyeliner Applier

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Skin Deep A
Location~ Lo Lo

Sunday, February 7, 2016

N○ 363

LOTD 363

Shoes~ || Macy Platforms w/ Socks
Hair~ |Doe| Cierra
Rings~ |Kibitz| Olzen Ring Sert
Bracelets/Necklace/Collar/Skirt/Top/Harness~ |Sweet Thing| Mimi Valentine Separates @ Objects D'Amour
{Harness w/Panties is a Rare}
Mask~ |Melonopolis| Opulant Mask @ Mainstore
{Jack or Jill Hunt}
Skin~ |VCO| Doran

Closeup of Mask/Necklace/Collar can be found Here

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Probable Cause B

Friday, February 5, 2016

N○ 362

LOTD 362

Boots~ |NoName| Zena Boots @ Mainstore
Scales Tattoo~ |Even~Tide| Dragon Scales {Omega Appliers}
Hair~ |Elua| Zephne
Bracelets~ |Plastik| Azunite Cuffs @ The Gacha Garden
{Seed of Inspiration} Preview Here
Circlet/Earrings~ |Plastik| Tereli Jewelry @ We <3 RP
Horns/Tail/Shawl/Eyes/Choker~ |Aii| Dragon Queen Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tail Preview Closeup Here
Top~ |Haste| Exhibition Bra
Halter/Panties~ |Haste| Provoking
Skin~ |La Petite Morte| Belle Steel @ We <3 RP
{Catwa Appliers} Closeup of Face Here

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Probable Cause
Location~ Temporia Prime

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

N○ 361

LOTD 361

Shoes~ |NoName| Ziva Boots @ Mainstore
Tattoo~ |DATUM| Seven Seas
Hair/Harness~ |Spellbound| Kitten
Earrings~ |Plastik| Plyo Earrings @ Maintstore
Skin~ |Atomic| Winter Sprite
Mouth~ |Atomic| Winter Mouth {Epiphany Exclusive}
Skirt~ |Blueberry| Lovely Hunt Skirt
Rings~ |Kibitz| Olzen Ring Set
Top~ |Nana| Lauren Top @ Suicide Dollz
Collar~ |LoveFox| Gothic Collar
Eyes~ |S0NG| Vale Eye

Seat~ |Anc Ltd| NO LIMITS. Stairs for Sunlight
Location~ Elysion

Monday, February 1, 2016

N○ 360

LOTD 360

Boots~ |Storybook| Stardust Boots
Outfit~ |Storybook| Stardust Romper
Wings/Arms/Visor~ |C.C Kre-ations| Mecha @ The Gacha Garden
{Wings are the Seed of Inspiration}
Earrings~ |Plastik| The Arys Jewelry @ Shiny Shabby
Hair~ |Moon| Nashville
Skin~ |VCO| Doran {003}

Pose~ |Le Poppycock| Cupid's Fault
Location~ Temporia Prime