Friday, March 31, 2017

Far Away {599}

Far Away {599}

Rings~ |RealEvil| Luxy Rings {Vista Bento}
Skirt~ |Cubic Cherry| Rufly Skirt {maitreya (exp)} Plain Pink @ Project Se7en
Hair~ |Runaway| Sabrina {Materials}
Top~ |The Secret Store| Emma Top - Grapefruit
Nails~ |MelonBunny| Kawaii Nails {Vista}
Skin~ |Enfer Sombre| Peach tone - Candy
Eyes~ |Go&See| Mermaid Catwa Eyes @ Mainstore

Bench~ |Plastik| Dragon Bench Light RARE
Cobblestone~ |Stormwood| Cobblestone Floor A
Doves~ |Anc.Ltd| NO LIMITS // Flying Doves [sugar white]
Birdhouse~ |Dust Bunny| Birdhouse Garden Gate
Birds~ |HEXtraordinary|  Fancy Finch
Bag~ |Zenith| Leather School Bag

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Whisper Me Your Secrets {598}

Whisper Me Your Secrets

Skull~ |Aii| The Watcher {Short Fur} @ Sanarae
Claws~ |Aii| Black Devil Fingers Female {Vista Bento} // Group Gift
Outfit~ |Gabriel| Koshikimono w/ Chest Strap (Maitreya)
Hair~ |Dichotomy| Reina Hair - 5
Hair Sticks~ |CerberusXing| Bloody Autumn Blooms
Collar~ |CerberusXing| Rugged Collar - Black
Shoes~ |CerberusXing| Sasu Geta
Eyebrows~ |Aii| Fantasy Brows Pack III @ Mainstore
{Closeup Here}
Eyes~ |S0NG| Oxy~ Grey Eyes
Skin~ |CURELESS| Morphine (v.8)
Tattoo~ |Antielle| Okami Amaterasu (v.2)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Be Pretty, Be Bold {597}

LOTD 597

Blush~ |The White Crow| Shy Lover light
Necklace~ |Yummy| Unicorn Cameo Necklace - Pink Sparkles
Hair~ |Barberyumyum| 62B
Shoes~ |2PM.| Raki ribbon platform / RARE2
Rings~ |Ama| Black Simplicity Rings{Vista Bento}
Hat~ |Cubic Cherry| {Nyah~} Hat @ Sanarae
Nails~ |MelonBunny| Kawaii Decora Nails {Vista Bento}
{Closeup Here}
Eyes~ |S0NG| Lien~ Green Eyes
Dress~ |VINCUE| Koha+Dress
Skin~ |more more| Momo Skin_2 (catwa)

Rug~ |Half-Deer| Grass Rug - Rainbow - Star
Table~ |Ionic| Small Coffee Table
Bunny~ |Half-Deer| Snoozypuff Bunny (tex. change)
Balloons~ |Half Deer| Heart Fairylight Balloons - Light - Group
Drapes~ |Half Deer| Fairy Curtain - Tied
Nailpolish/Lipstick~ |Fetch| Crystal Vanity Set
Flag Banner~ |Ionic| Boho Banner
Globe Lights~ |Lagom&Milo| - Luxs Bathroom [Lights]

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Food For Thought

LOTD 596

Choker~ |katat0nik| (kitty1) USB Choker RARE
{Closeup Here}
Shorts~ |Blueberry| Cuffed Denim Shorts - Maitreya - Dark Blue
Hair~ |Doe| Emika - Gingers
Top~ |Enertia| I Candice Top - Maitreya @ Mainstore
Shoes~ |Glamistry| ANTHURIUM Heels @ Mainstore
Bracelets~ |Noodles| Barrel Bracelet Gold
Rock Candy~ |Tram| Candy bracelet- blue
Anklets~ |Bubble| Sibyl Anklet
Skin~ |Bold & Beauty| Sonya (Catwa Applier) GROUP GIFT
Eyes~ |Go&See| Nova Catwa Eyes @ Mainstore
{Closeup Here}
Tumbler~ |Reign| For The Love Of Django Set - Pug Love Tumbler

Wall~ |ionic| The front house wall
Mailbox~ |Soy| POST
Cart~ |Soy| Cardboard Box Cart w/ Boxes
Cats~ |Pixicat| Bastet Sphynx
Dog~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Young Pitbull Sit Static

Friday, March 24, 2017

N○ 595

LOTD 595

Shoes~ |Epic| Sweet.Rainbow Heart.Shu! {Pastel.White}
Shorts~ |Pixicat| Sporty.Short (Maitreya)
Stockings~ |Atomic| Sweetheart Socks - Lilac (Maitreya)
Top~ |Blueberry| Tank Top - Maitreya {Group Gift}
Gloves~ |darkendStare| bear hug claws [white]
Hair w/ Hat~ |Dichotomy| x [Cubic Cherry] Cherry x Cherry Hair @ Kawaii Project
Skin~ |Enfer Sombre| Sally - Peach {Catwa}
Pet~ |MishMish| Bunny Fluffz - Candy

Pose Made By My Lovely Waifu
Lollipop~ |BOOM| Candy Crusher (lime)
Candy~ |Cubic Cherry| Candy Lure
Pineapple Slice~ |Cubic Cherry| ZEE pineapple slice {Group Gift}
Clouds~ |Half-Deer|Simple Clouds
Cotton Candy~ |Melonopolis| Cotton Candy Party
Cupcake~ |Pink Acid| Flags Cupcake Decor

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

N○ 594

LOTD 594

Hair~ |Bold & Beauty| Winx
Horns~ |Lovely Disarray| Entangled Antlers @ Kawaii Project
{Closeup Here}
Shoes~ |Phedora| Morticia Heels {Maitreya}
Outfit~ |Chemical Princess| Adri Dress/Harness {Maitreya} @ Suicide Dollz
Eyes~ |Go&See| *Garden* Catwa Eyes @ Skin Fair
{Closeup Here}
Skin~ |Bold & Beauty| Gemma {Catwa}
Nailpolish~ |Plastik| Smelted v2 @ Secret Affair

Monday, March 20, 2017

N○ 593

LOTD 593

Leg Harness~ |EMPIRE| Heart Harness - Maitreya
Shoes~ |EMPIRE| Lupin w/ Pompom - Slink
Thong~ |MUKA| Wicca Thong - Maitreya
Rabbit~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Witchy Rabbit - Browny @ Ostara's Altar
Harness~ |Cubic Cherry| Vain Harness (Maitreya) pastel pack RARE @ Lootbox
Top~ |Cubic Cherry| Vain Top (Maitreya) White Cross Pink @ Lootbox
Hair~ |Doe| Spice (twotone) - Browns
Rings~ |FORMANAILS| CIRI for Bento VISTA - Rings/Nails
Eyes~ |S0NG| Cult Pale Blue Eyes
Skin~ |more more.| Momo skin_4 (catwa) @ Spring Scandal
Tattoo~ |The White Crow| Babygirl

Saturday, March 18, 2017

N○ 592

LOTD 592

Dress~ |mignon| doki doki Ribbon Dress
Shoes~ |Aii| Shii Geta {Maitreya} @ Kawaii Project
Hair~ |Doe| Shannon
Crown~ |Cubic Cherry| Avien Crown - Day // Treasue Chest
Bindi~ |Cubic Cherry| Sakura Bindi @ Spring Scandal
{Closeup Here}
Necklace~ |Ritz| Card Captor Key Necklace Star Song
Eyes~ |S0NG| Cia Green Eyes
Skin~ |The Sugar Garden| Cici Applier for Catwa Catya OMEGA - A Tone

Thursday, March 16, 2017

N○ 591

LOTD 591

All Items listed below can be found at the Genre Event.

Statue~ |by Nacht| Midnight Angel
Tulips~ |Little Branch| Tulips Field{Mesh}
Candle Cage~ |Dilly Dolls| Caged Light {White} Standing
Gate~ |Spyralle| Victorian Garden Gates V.2

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

N○ 590

LOTD 590

Hair~ |FashionablyDead| Sweet Witch - Natural Ombre Pack
Dress~ |SALT| Loredana Dress @ Mesh Body Addicts
Bracelets~ |Sweet Thing| Pentagram Trick Bracelet - Coal
Skin~ |Go&See| Barbara - Tan // Omega @ Skin Fair
Nail Polish~ |Plastik| Nailpolishes - Smelted V2 Fades @ The Secret Affair
{Closeup Here}
Collar~ |Violent Seduction| Aureus Collar (Black)
Tattoo~ |AuricA| Sarah Tattoo // Mait/TMP/Omega/Belleza/Slink @ Genre
Eyes~ |Buzzeri| Lens Eyes - Jade

Monday, March 13, 2017

N○ 589

LOTD 589

Outfit~ |Cheeky| Betty - Net Body @ Anybody
Hair~ |Spellbound| Cursed // Chapter III : Magic
Nails~ |Spellbound| Spooky Salon // Creature Claws
Necklace~ |Gabriel| Slave Chain Necklace (Rig) / Black - Silver
Bracelets~ |Plastik| Derre Bracelets // Silver
Shoes~ |REIGN| Anna Heels - Thigh (Maitreya)
Crown~ |Chemical Princess| Crown Mask Unisex {Mainstore Release}
Eyes~ |Song| Chin~ White Eyes
Skin~ |YS&YS| Kirsten Tone 00 {Lelutka Bento}

Sunday, March 12, 2017

N○ 588

LOTD 588

Nails~ |Spellbound| Spooky Salon // Heavy Metal Dark
Eyes~ |Plastik| Bloodless Eyes // Silvered
Skin~ |Plastik| Carvera Skin (Femme) // Grogoch @ Skin Fair
Bracelets~ |DRD| Spikes Bracelet
Shoes~ |Glamistry| ANGELICA Heels @ Mainstore
Collar~ |CerberusXing| Heavy Duty Collar (Un-rigged)
Hair~ |Mello| Liquorice - Pale Pastels
Outfit~ |Chemical Princess| Hanress Set Harness/Panties/Top @ Anybody

Friday, March 10, 2017

N○ 587

LOTD 587

Hair~ |Olive| The Cutie Hair {Cutie Loot}
Stockings~ |Astralia| Meow stockings <3 (Maitreya High) {Cutie Loot}
Bow~ |May's Soul| Ribbon Headdress (Blue)
Outfit~ |Sweet Thing| Zoe Romper - Fatpack (Maitreya) @ Collabor88
Eyes~ |S0NG| Ren~ Pale Green Eyes {Cutie Loot}
Skin~ |Evermore| Anazella Skin (Fair) Omega

Bed~ |LAGOM| Sakura sweetness [Bed PG] RARE
Laptop~ |Random Matter| Dorm Life - Laptop [White]
Rex~ |BoOgErS| Rex-O-Saurus Pink Decor
Pencil Case~ |LAGOM| PandaCraze [Pencase Clutter]
Lipsticks~ |Fetch| Crystal Vanity Set - Lipsticks
Nail Polish~ |Fetch| Crystal Vanity Set - Nail Polishes
Bunny~ |Half-Deer| Snoozypuff Bunny (tex. change) {Cutie Loot}
Unicorn~ |Half-Deer| Porcelain Unicorn Figurine (Pink Base) {Cutie Loot}
Piggy~ |Half-Deer| Mini Piggy - Zoom Zoom (Pink)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

N○ 586

LOTD 586

Knee's~ |Izzie's| Knee Wounds med (Scrapes)
Nails~ |Spellbound| Spooky Salon // Thirst
Flask~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Holster Flask Leg @ Suicide Dollz
{Closeup Here}
Eyes~ |Evermore| Crybaby Eyes GRAY {Cutie Loot}
Bird~ |Fawny| Metamorphosis.Corrupted Lungs - RARE
Top~ |Cheeky| Hayle Mini Sporty Top {Hourglass} @ Buy Now
Skirt~ |Cheeky| Nymph Spike Skirt // Camo Dark {Hourglass} @ Whore Couture
Shoes~ |Phedora| Ivy Boots
Earrings~ |Cubic Cherry| Loki Ear Gauge {Red} Group Gift
{Closeup Here}
Tail~ |CerberusXing| Bone Tail v1.2 (Black)
Hair~ |Mello| Lunar Phase W/Horns - Pale Pastels
Collar~ |Melonopolis| Spiked Kitten Collar
Skin~ |Aii| Astral Allure Tone01 @ Mainstore

Monday, March 6, 2017

N○ 585

LOTD 585

Rings~ |RealEvil Ind.| Luxy Rings - Vista Bento
Outfit~ |SALT| Anabelle [Maitreya] @ Mainstore
Hair~ |Wasabi Pills| Olivia
Earrings~ |Plastik| Cordove Earrings - Silver @ The Crossroads
Necklace~ |Plastik| Cordove Necklace - Silver @ The Crossroads
{Both Necklace/Earrings can be seen Here}
Bag~ |Birdy|  Frenchie - Bag - Cross
Shoes~ |Glamistry| Anemuna Heels @ Mainstore
{Closeup Here}
Collar~ |Melonopolis| Spiked Kitten Collar // Now @ Mainstore!
Eyes~ |S0NG| Cheri~ Envi Eyes
Skin~ |YS&YS| Danalu Tone 00 {LELUTKA Bento}
Brows~ |Lovely Disarray| The Essential Eyebrows (Catwa+Omega) @ Skin Fair
{Closeup Here}
Nailpolish~ |Plastik| Nailpolishes - Sicaris @ We <3 RP
{Closeup Here}

Sunday, March 5, 2017

N○ 584

LOTD 584

Leg Harness~ |EMPIRE| Lower Leg Harness - Maitreya
Bikini~ |EMPIRE| Minikini Top/Pants - Maitreya
Cuffs~ |BOOM| Dollhouse Wrist/Ankle Cuff - Open Collar (Blush)
Bunny Ears~ |Aii| Cotton Usagi Ears {Mainstore Release}
{Comes with a Cotton Usagi Tail}
Hair~ |TRUTH| Fire
Nails/Rings~ |FORMANAILS| Ciri Nails for Bento Vista - Rings
Collar~ |Melonopolis| Spiked Kitten Collar // RLV {Mainstore}
{Closeup Here}
Eyes~ |S0NG| Ells~ Nature Eyes
Skin~ |Essences| Anke #M01 [Lelutka Bento - Simone]
Tattoo~ |Chemical Princess| Rope Marks v2 @ Whore Couture

Billboard~ |Ionic| Vintage Summer Sign
Birds~ |{anc. Ltd}| NO LIMITS Flock of Flying Doves [Sugar White]
Garland~ |{anc. Ltd}| HappyEndPark Pennant Garland Stand B (Tiffany)
Petals~ |E.V.E| Dancing Petals Dystopia in Pink

Friday, March 3, 2017

N○ 583

LOTD 583

Shoes~ |EMPIRE| - Hellebore - Maitreya
Dress~ |.SALT| - Nora // Black [Maitreya] @ Cosmopolitan
Dogs~ |PSYCHO:Byts| Young Pitbull 1-2 // Battle Gray @ Rally To Rescue
Hair~ |Wasabi Pills| Yun Mesh Hair - Night Shadow
Crown~ |Zenith| Guardian Of The Stars Wings Crown (Black)
Eyes~ |Cubic Cherry| Wonder Eyes // Snow @ We <3 RP {Opens March 4th}
{Closeup Here}
Collar~ |CerberusXing| Yule Lord Collar - (Obsidian)
{Closeup Here}
Skin~ |Essences| Anke #M01 [Lelutka Bento]

{Please Take A Look At My Frequently Worn Tab To See What My Body Bits Are}

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

N○ 582

LOTD 582

Ears~ |Evermore| Animated Rabbit Ears WHITE (Pnk.Tip <3)
Shoes~ |Glamistry| AMARYLLIS Heels @ Mainstore
{Closeup Here}
Nails~ |Formanails| Ballerina -2- Nails For Vista Hands 
Hair~ |Monso| Mitsuha /Brown
Outfit~ |Cheeky| Cherie - Sexy Lingerie // Omega @ Whore Couture Fair
Skin~ |Evermore| Anazella Skin (Fair) // Omega
Tattoo~ |Chemical Princess| Kisses Tattoo @ Whore Couture Fair
Nailpolish~ |Plastik| Nailpolishes - Centenne @ Lost & Found
{Closeup Here}
Vista Bento Hands
Slink Body/Feets
Lelutka Bento Head