Thursday, September 29, 2016

N○ 509

LOTD 509

Head~ |Aii| Tsukiakuma Mesh Head
Hair~ |Beusy| Grudge Hair
Eyes/Blood~ |Cubic Cherry| Loss Eyes @ The Nightmare Event // Opens Oct. 1st
Cuffs~ |Cureless| Barbedwire Cuffs
Outfit~ |Chemical Princess| Latex Dress @ Suicide Dollz
Shoes~ |Empire| Rudbeckia
Skin~ |Cureless| Endorphine
Tattoo~ |Antielle| Appetizers / Bites & Hickeys

Lamp~ |Irrie's Dollhouse| Dark Lady Lamp // Rare @ The Nightmare Event
Dolls~ |Katat0nik| Tendril Kitty Gacha
Hat~ |AsteroidBox| Witchy Hat @ The Nightmare Event
Lantern~ |Inia| This is Halloween Gacha @ The Nightmare Event

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

N○ 508

LOTD 508

Lipstick~ |Clemmm| Veiled Lips
Collar~ |Gabriel| Slave Chain Necklace
Shoes~ |Plastik| The Spira Heels @ N21
Rings~ |Plastik| Grovie Rings @ N21
{Closeup Here}
Cuffs~ |Kibitz| Ailenah Cuffs
Outfit~ |Cynful| Tangled Dress
Hair~ |Taketomi| Emiri
Skin~ |Plastik| Wylde Skin

Monday, September 26, 2016

N○ 507

LOTD 507

Skin~ |Essences| Imani Gacha//P02
{Catwa Only}
Hair~ |Spellbound| Lionhearted
Top~ |Suicidal Unborn| Monochrome Knotted Back Top
Bracelets~ |Kibitz| Cerise
Undies~ |Chemical Princess| Bele Panties {Group Gift}
Shoes~ |United Colors| Mimi Boots

Scene/Pose~ |Poseidon Store| The Cell @ The Nightmare *Opens Oct 1st*
{Pose animation shown Here}
{The Cell Shown Here}

Saturday, September 24, 2016

N○ 506

LOTD 506

Eye Makeup~ |Plastik| Fauxe Makeup // Mermaidie @ Cosmetic Fair
{Appliers for Lelutka, Genesis and Omega also for System Heads}
[Closeup Here]
Nailpolish~ |Plastik| Nailpolish // Vinne @ Cosmetic Fair
{Appliers for Maitreya & Slink}
Rings~ |Plastik| Kerraleth Rings @ Shiny Shabby
{Closeup for Rings/Nailpolish Here}
Necklaces~ |Plastik| Penma Jewelry
{Closeup Here}
Hair~ |Mimpi| Hair-15
Dress~ |Wonderlost| Blanche Halter Dress @ The Secret Affair
Skin~ |VCO| Doran Skin
Shoes~ |Reign| Platform Heels

Friday, September 23, 2016

N○ 505

LOTD 505

Outfit~ |Fawn's Demise| Cheap Frills @ Fluffy & Fierce Event
{Omega Only}
Hair~ |Barberyumyum| *71O
Shoes~ |Muka| Feet Wrap Rosa
Bracelets~ |Kibitz| Gigi
Skin~ |VCO| Elly

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

N○ 504


Hand Wraps~ |Muka| Claire
Collar~ |Lovely Disarray| Axiom Collar @ Cosmetic Fair
{Closeup Here}
Hair~ |Magika| Thread
Bottom~ |Cheeky| Mora High Mini Skirt @ Whore Couture
Shoes~ |Reign| Bootycall Pumps
Top~ |Wonderlost| Addie Top @ Suicide Dollz
Skin~ |VCO| Elly

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

N○ 503

LOTD 503

Scythe~ |Aii| Dark Harvesting Scythe @ The Fantasy Collective
Makeup~ |Lovely Disarray| Sick Radiance Set @ The Cosmetic Fair
Horns~|Aii| Peralescent Dvil Horns // Mainstore
{Closeup of horns and makeup Here}
Bracelets~ |Muka| Claire
Outfit~ |Cheeky| Shane Long Top @ Suicide Dollz
Feets~ |CerberusXing| Kunai Anklet LIMITED
{Only available for 14 days in the Group}
Hair~ |Runaway| Fjara Hair
Skin~ |Essences| Lou-Ann

{Pose was custom made}

Sunday, September 18, 2016

N○ 502

LOTD 502

Eye Makeup~ |Plastik| Midas Fauxe // Sandstorm Gold
{Closeup Here}
Shoes~ |Empire| Aster
Hair~ |Nana| Vix Hair // Mainstore Release
Mouth/Skin~ |VCO| Elly Skin & Lips
Top~ |Wonderlost| Garth Flannel Shirt @ Black Dot Project
Ring~ |Imeka| Rose Ring
Eyes~ |S0NG| Toki~ Snow Ghost Eye

Lion Head Decor~ |Plastik| The Leone Masks & Wallart @ The Secret Affair

Saturday, September 17, 2016

N○ 501

LOTD 501

Skin~ |Pink Fuel| Doll v2 Vamp
Hair~ |Tukinowaguma Hair| Irena
Nose Septum~ |Supernatural| Ivi Septum @ Buy Now
{Closeup Here}
Choker~ |Supernatural| Willow Choker @ Crossroads
{Closeup Here}
Outfit Set~ |Sinful Sky| The Teacher Gacha @ The Whore Couture
{Set includes Glasses/Shoes/Top/Skirt/Tie/Panties}
{Skirt from Behind Here}
Pasties~ |Chemical Princess| Condom Pasties @ Suicide Dollz

If you would like to know what my beautiful friends are wearing just let me know ^-^

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

N○ 500

LOTD 500

Shoes~ |Empire| Tulip
Collar~ |RealEvil Ind.| Simone Heart Collar
Harness~ |Plastik| Voracious Harness @ Fluffy & Fierce
Rings~ |Kibitz| Zara Ring Set
Outfit~ |CerberusXing| Risque Corset @ Whore Couture Fair
Bracelets~ |Noodles| Barrel Bracelets
Mouth/Skin~ |VCO| Elly Mesh Lips & Skin 001
Hair~ |Runaway| Sabrina Hair
Eyes~ |S0NG| Lien~ Seafoam Eyes

Location~ Blithe

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

N○ 499

LOTD 499

Outfit~ |Chemical Princess| Vendetta Gacha @ Whore Couture
Necklace~ |Pekka| Anchor Necklace
Cuffs~ |Noodles| Barrel Bracelets/Anklets
Hair~ |Pr!tty| Lux
Claws~ |CerberusXing| Hayop Claws
Plushie~ |Mango Cheeks| Meow Head Warmer: Cat Bus - Secret Item
Skin~ |Le Forme| Monika Skin

Location~ Blithe

Sunday, September 11, 2016

N○ 498

LOTD 498

Shoes~ |Reign| Suicide Heels
Outfit~ |Cheeky| Kuyi Sporty Romper @ anyBODY
Hair~ |Wasabi Pills| Jody
Necklace~ |Plastik| The Filme Choker @ The Liaision Collaborative
{Closeup Here}
Rings~ |Izzie's| Celestial Midi Rings
Nails~ |Melonopolis| Candycane Claws
Skin~ |PumeC| Adeline - January - 3

Saturday, September 10, 2016

N○ 497

LOTD 497

Bottoms~ |Cheeky| Eva Lace Panty @ Be Beauty Event
Shoes~ |Blueberry| Mykonos Pumps
Necklace~ |Aii| Tamagami Pet Necklace
Rings~ |Izzie's| Celestial Midi Rings
Top~ |Kitja| Yasmin Top
Hair~ |Little Bones| Alexia // Rare
Bracelets/Anklets~ |Noodles| Barrel Jewelry

Location~ Fox Den

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

N○ 496

LOTD 496

Shroud~ |Aii| Unknown Entity Shroud @ We ♥ RP
Boots~ |Empire| Canna
Hair~ |Fashionably Dead| Sea Salt
Collar~ |Kibitz| Ailenah Collar
Chest Piece~ |CerberusXing| Skin Deep Remake
Dress~ |Masoom| Madison @ We ♥ RP
Skin~ |VCO| Lovely Vampire Gacha {002}

Pose~ |!bang| Stands 350-359

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

N○ 495

LOTD 495

Skin~ |Pink Fuel| Doll v2 Vamp
Top~ |RealEvil Ind.| Portia Lace Bustier
Lipstick~ |Cheeky| My Matte Lipstick @ Suicide Dollz
{Better Look Here}
Horns~ |Plastik| The Mai Horns @ We <3 RP
{Better Look Here}
Cuffs~ |Plastik| Noriah Cuffs
Bottom~ |Cheeky| Irina Mini Skirt // Buy Now
Hair~ |Magika| Tonight
Shoes~ |Cheeky| Pria Tip Toes @ Mainstore
Claws~ |CerberusXing| Stinger Claws
Not pictured is an animated tongue from Soul that you can find at We <3 RP
and you can see it Here.

Wall Mounts~ |Aii| Unknown Entity @ We <3 RP

Sunday, September 4, 2016

N○ 494

LOTD 494

Tattoo~ |Speakeasy| Numb
Eye Makeup~ |The White Crow| Tired
Dress~ |Chemical Princess| Azra Dress w/ HUD @ Suicide Dollz
Panties~ |Chemical Princess| Net Panties
{Better Look Here}
Drool~ |Arise| Lip Drool
Collar~ |Kibitz| Multi Use Collar
Shoes~ |Sakide| Delight Heels
{Better look Here}
Chest Piece~ |CerberusXing| Skin Deep Remake
Hair~ |Runaway| Yolandi II
Skin~ |Lara Hurley| Riah *Halloween Gift*

Location~ Elysion

Saturday, September 3, 2016

N○ 492

LOTD 492

Shoes~ |Cheeky| Ozy Heel Sandals {Mainstore Release}
Tattoo~ |Speakeasy| Daya Tattoo
Dress~ |RealEvil Ind.|  Irina Dress
Hair~ |Barberyumyum| 78AHF
Rings~ |Kibitz| Celestial Midi Rings
Bracelets~ |Kibitz| Tara
Skin~ |VCO| Benny

Furni~ |Stockholm&Lima| Lover's Ottoman
Trinkets~ |Half-Deer| Magical Curiosities

Thursday, September 1, 2016

N○ 491

LOTD 491

Hair~ |Barberyumyum| *81
Shoes~ |Cila| Spring Heart Ankle Boots
Ears~ |Konpeitou| Humiduki-usagi 1 Nonbiri Usgai Ear // Rare
Knee Pads~ |Konpeitou| Humiduki-usagi 7 Sirimoti Usagi
Collar~ |Altair| Master's Pet
Dress~ |Sweet Thing| Chaton Patisserie {Hourglass} @ The Arcade
Skin~ |VCO| Nini Skin 007
Plushies~ |Sweet Thing| BaNYANa @ The Arcade
{Are holdables. Were just rezzed out and resized for the picture}

Cabinet/Counters/Table/Chairs~ |Sweet Thing| Chaton Patisserie @ The Arcade
Building is Rare, can be seen Here